Plumber Lake Worth: Get Your Plumbing Ready for the Winter

It is important that you do home preparations as winter approaches, even in Florida where we enjoy milder winters than our northern neighbors do. If the temperature drops below 32 degrees in the winter, the water in your pipes will freeze and cause damage. Follow this advice from your plumber Lake Worth to prevent damage to your pipes.

Call a Plumbing Contractor to Relocate Outdoor Hoses

As the temperature starts to drop and overnight freezes are an occasional concern, identify any outdoor water pipes and hoses on your property. These will need to be moved indoors so that they are protected from freezing temperatures. This is a job for a professional, however, since hose breakage is a possibility if done incorrectly.

Have a Plumber Wrap Your Pipes

In the case that you have pipes and hoses on your property that cannot be moved inside, they should be wrapped in heat tape. This will keep the water from freezing in winter temperatures. Call a plumber Lake Worth to perform this task for you; they will know how to do it properly and will protect your pipes from damage.

Schedule a Drain Repair Now

It is important to address any current plumbing issues that you are dealing with as soon as possible. If you have a clogged drain or a leaky pipe, or suspect that you might, call a plumber Lake Worth to come and take a look. While an over-the-counter product like DIY glue can temporarily fix a leak, only a professional will offer a long-term solution. Schedule a repair now to save yourself money: a small leak left unattended can become a major repair project.

Get Water Geysers Tuned for Residential Plumbing

Come January, the last thing you’ll want is a cold shower. Water geysers may malfunction after not being used during the summer months; it’s smart to get a tune-up before the winter. A plumber Lake Worth will do the job so that you can shower and bathe with hot water.

Schedule Inspections of Your Commercial Plumbing

Plan ahead and have your plumbing inspected for any major concerns. Having plumbing repairs done to your building in the summertime will be cheaper and will prevent the headache of cold showers and burst pipes in the middle of winter. Call your plumber Lake Worth to come check out your pipes.

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